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Car seat covers

Easy to clean. Slower depreciation as you maintain your car's factory condition. Customized appearance that enhances the style of your vehicle.

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Car seat covers

These are customized car seat covers which protects your car seats from tear and wear. They are waterproof and wipeable.We use synthetic leather material guaranteed for more than 6yrs. we do fixing and deliveries countrywide..

Car Floor wrapping

We use pvc material which is waterproof and wipeable to protect the original car Floor from dust and spills. Good for retaining car resale value and it covers the whole car floor.

Car door panels fixing

We cover the clothe part of the door panels with leather materials which is easy to clean and maintain. Also makes the inner part of the car door panels look great.

Dashboard covers.

We customize dashboard covers which are heat absorbers and also prevents damages of the Car's dashboard.

Car roofing & Car mats.

We decorate car roofs with leather materials.

Car body covers

We provide rubber car Mats which are guaranteed for more than 4yrs.